I like the magic Jesus
who turns water into wine
and keeps the party going.
Give me that Jesus.

I like the Jesus who
goes up to the mountaintop
with his friends
and everything glows.

I like the Jesus who
tells Peter to put down
(for Christ’s sake)
the sword in the garden
when Peter wanted to
bring the kingdom about
through a little war.

And Jesus is like:
No that isn’t the game we’re playing.
Nope, not today (or ever).
I like that Jesus.

I like the Jesus who hung out with whores
and tramps and thieves.
That guy right there,
that particular Jesus,
he can save you.

But not because some angry God
came through and said
from the very start:
these people are so disgusting
that I have to sacrifice a son,
Jesus, and so it is,
preordained and predetermined
and all of that.


No, no. That Jesus guy
can save you
because you’re the prostitute,
you’re the tramp,
You’re the thieve,
and he’s like: Look
at the kingdom of God,
just look.
The table is open.
You belong here.
You fit here.

The seat is empty
waiting just for you.

Sit. Eat. The table is prepared.
The feast can now take place.
Now that you are here.

You aren’t a thieve or a tramp
or a whore or a slut
or a punk or clueless.
You are the beloved of God,
the guest at the biggest
firemen’s ball ever.
Dance. Dance. Jesus says.
I’ll just turn this water
into wine just for you.

Dance. You are just right
you are just now
you are just perfect
and you are the special guest of honor.
Dance. Dance.

The only thing I ask…
Keep the love going.
Invite all your friends to the party too.
Just as they are.
The beautiful beloveds of the kingdom of God.

I like that Jesus.
You’ll find him washing some feet.
You’ll find her feeding her friends.

I like that magic Jesus,
savior, prankster, human,

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