Our basic outlook or view is linked not only to our mental health but even to our physical health. Positive affirmations can bring about positive changes in our circumstances. I tell a story about noticing this several months after going through treatments for breast cancer. Sometimes we only see these things in retrospect.

The video below, as the name implies, presents a series of healthy thoughts. Today, I invite you to spend five minutes and 55 seconds watching this video.

Don’t just watch it though. Challenge yourself. For each healthy thought presented, can you imagine how it might feel in your body to know “I Am Love” for instance. In other words, feel your way into these thoughts. Even with single words like ease or peace, what’s your felt experience of them? Can you develop a sense of gratitude for the way healthy thoughts make you feel?

Developing gratitude for the experiences healthy thoughts engender reinforces their value and over time helps us bypass our usual negative tendencies. Bring awareness to that. It’s important to value what we’re working toward as mystics and meditators.

As the video asks, What do these words mean to you? Really explore this. See what comes up for you. And enjoy!

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