GRIEF and Wisdom can appear in the strangest forms – my dreams, my Inner Guidance for many decades, lets me know what otherwise I may not know; until too late. I often feel as if the dreams are a clue to the active or blocked FLOW of energetic-consciousness – the cosmic river running through every cell in our bodies.… 

In the 1970s I dreamed that my eldest son was safe even though I had military information that he was not safe – I trusted Creator’s message to me and the dream proved to be true – and while trusting I was able to lower my focus on grief, at least a little bit. In the 1980s I dreamed that my youngest son was in an accident, his leg and knee injured…that was also true. In the 1990s, without thought of changing my, then, position, I dreamed of where I’d find my next employment; that turned out to be my best employment ever. 

In 2001 I dreamed I was a volunteer tending AIDS patients in a hospital and there I’d come to understand unconditional love for all (by listening to a patient talk to me about compassion as he lay dying). 

The depth of my gratitude for these dreams is nearly unfathomable to my regular mind. Dreams, for me, are a wake up call to my beliefs, my behavior, and, dreams tell me my body-mind-spirit connections may need further review and understanding, possibly some adjustments, or, that my system is in-the-Flow… The Inner Teacher is awake. 

This morning’s dream gave me a refresher course on: being more alert to immediate circumstances. When I woke up I felt guilty, a tremendous loss of energy due to grief, and feeling grieved because I’d caused others’ pain (in the dream!)  Isn’t that a great dream?! A perfect mirror of life? So many dreams have gifted me some of the greatest lessons yet have been very simple in themselves. A dream like the current one, is a wake up call to my own behavior, that tells me my body-mind is in-the-Flow… The Inner Teacher is awake, enough to send me a message. However, “Here is a reminder, dear, you need to be more aware in the moment. And more attentive to others’ needs as well as your own.” Haha I like this. Keeps me on my toes, it does.

How do I get myself back into balance when informed, by Inner or outer guidance, that I’m out of balance? Body Awareness. I review my studies of the Chakras:

  • Root Chakra (Base of spine, I ask, ‘am I clear minded & neutral?) = survival thoughts, fears & actions originate here.
  • Sacral Chakra (between root & belly Chakra, again, am I clear, neutral, inspired?) = regarding relationships & creativity.
  • Belly Chakra = gut knowing/intuition.
  • Heart Chakra = caring for self & others, balanced?
  • Throat Chakra = communication flow & blockages: am I speaking my truth, or swayed by circumstances?
  • Brow Chakra = wisdom, intelligence.
  • Crown Chakra = Soul/Spirit/Higher Self, is Spirit Speaking to me?
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