Of what use is our endless struggle to adapt and even achieve some of the more common culturally-valued prizes, knowing (as all of us do) that nothing we can ever possess has the power to stave off our own inevitable passing?

The following quotation that I just love is from Vernon Howard, a great twentieth century mystic, that really not only helps to put this idea that we’re looking at right now into proper perspective for us, but as we’ll see, it also hints at a far more appealing possibility at the same time. He said, “It is wise to seek immortality, for time defeats all other ambitions.”

I remember the first time I heard that. I just knew that he was alluding to something that required my full attention, because obviously, everything that we do… or I should say conversely, nothing we do, that we win from this world… we can take with us. But apparently there is another order of life, another order of our self, that we can enter into that allows us to have the best of both worlds but never fear losing what we have won in time on this planet.

So, true spiritual gems like the one he spoke, they’re scattered (and we all know it if we’re students) throughout time. They’re found mostly in the forgotten treasure troves of authentic sacred writings and the beautiful light they reflect is a promise that you can feel if you’re attentive enough that is as welcome and timeless as is our need to be reminded of it. I’ll encapsulate it, if you will.

Within each of us already lives a higher order of Being, an Immortal Spirit, that neither time nor circumstance can bring to an end. Seated at the center of each of us, lies buried a kind of celestial seed, and buried there since the beginning of time I might add. But this divine gift must be awakened in this lifetime before its fruit can be realized, for it alone contains life’s greatest prize: victory over death — a conscious connection to a vine everlasting that never dies. I assure you this is true. And the expression of this fruition is inseparable from our freedom from everything that we fear, including death, even as our freedom from death is the same as finally fulfilling our highest individual possibilities.

We hold each of us, within us, a sublime seed, richly impregnated with divine possibilities. It is our greatest gift. Within it lives the promise of an Immortal Self, a celestial citizenship if you will in a world that’s outside the prison and pain inherent in passing time. But, as is true of all seeds, regardless of their nature, each must find the right conditions and nourishment needed for it to flourish. Once accomplished, almost nothing can stop this seed from breaking free and stepping out of its confining husk. In that instant, it is reborn into a new form. It enters into the next level of its own being, and the Divine Journey begins anew.

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