It has been a difficult year in so many ways. We at Contemplative Light wish to express our heartfelt condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one, experienced financial hardship, or struggled to find their way through the challenges our world has faced. Let us know how we can support you.

We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you who have been there with us – taking our courses, joining our groups, reading our journal, listening to our podcasts, commenting, sharing, and reaching out to talk. You’re the best!

We’d like to take a moment to recognize our amazing partners and writers:

  • Arthur Aghajanian, the newest member of our writing team, who helps us appreciate great works of art in new ways.
  • Bob Lewis who lovingly shares the perspective of Christian Meditation with our community. Access the free course he developed here.
  • David Youngren who not only writes from the heart of love but has joined us this year in creating our sister organizationLiving Light, and even took up podcasting with Clint.
  • Guy Finley whose ideas cut straight to the heart of our most important personal and social issues.
  • Kelly Boyer Sagert, who teaches and writes about the practice of contemplative writing.
  • Keren Dibbens-Wyatt, a true mystic, whose writings feature regularly in spiritual blogs and literally journals.
  • Kimberly Holman, our webmaster who coordinates the writing team, bringing nearly twenty-five years of contemplative study and practice to her own writing endeavors.
  • Reese LeBlanc, a Masters of Divinity student, who brings contemplation right into the heart of his writing.
  • Rich Lewis who published a new book this year and provides our readers with great tips on Centering Prayer practice every Tuesday.
  • Rev. Roger Butts with his poetry, prayer, and psalms. Roger has helped us all through this difficult year by bringing a chaplain’s perspective to his articles.
  • Terri Knuth (a.k.a. Terri Poppins) who guides us in consciously raising our children and ourselves with greater awareness.
  • Tim Moon who courageously shared his story of overcoming addiction while inviting a mystical perspective into some of our most popular articles.

As well, a huge thank you to the many, many writers who have shared one or more guest articles with us over the years.

Finally, we’d like to take a moment to recognize master podcaster, Clint Sabom, who acts as our Creative Director, and Marc Thomas Shaw, our Executive Director, who skillfully guides this ship.

Over the coming months we look forward to bringing you more great content, a new course by Guy Finley, continued opportunities to participate in our Living Light community, and much more.

We appreciate all the wonderful ways you have supported us over the years. If a small monetary gift is within your means this year, you can donate securely online at ContemplativeLight/Donate or send a check payable to Contemplative Light here. 

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Contemplative Light is committed to spreading a message of healing and transformation. Your kind support helps us cover the monthly costs for our staffing, web hosting, podcast account, course platform, and email service. Thank you for your generosity.

We would like to wish you a safe and blessed new year.

Your friends at Contemplative Light,
Clint, Kim & Marc

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