Contemplative Light Co-Founder Marc Thomas Shaw won the Bronze Medal of The Illumination Book Awards. In this episode of the Contemplative Light podcast, Clint talks to him about his process of writing, publishing, and marketing. Marc opens up about personal struggles and triumphs. This episode is great for anyone with an online business who is interested in publishing a book or anyone who has felt hopeless in their undertakings and doubted their own efforts.

Marc’s book, Dante’s Road: The Journey Home for the Modern Soul, uses Dante’s Inferno as a psycho-spiritual map through which readers can explore and re-imagine the narrative and themes of their own lives. It flowed out of him almost automatically, and despite self-consciousness regarding previous creative ventures, Marc maintained a quiet confidence and a divine trust with this work.

According to Marc, it felt important to work on even if his name was not affiliated with it. The difficulties of navigating the spiritual journey can make one want to give up on spirituality and God altogether sometimes, but Dante’s Road shows us pathways through the inner darkness and doubt, helping us recover a sense of fun and play and love for life’s adventure.

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