Netflix’s The Family: A Spiritual and Psychological Critique of the Documentary

Drawing from theology, developmental theories, and personal experience, Marc and Clint discuss the disturbing documentary with humor and precision.

A conservative evangelical movement known as “the family” has maintained a strong influence on world leaders and American politics since the beginning of early 20th century. It has existed rather secretly until the recent documentary mini-series on Netflix. It’s definitely worth binge-ing if you haven’t already, and while many viewers find themselves disturbed and irate, Marc and Clint retain their composure in dissecting the various themes:

  • What is the mentality and psychological process of the kinds of Christians who would do this?
  • What are the implied theological underpinnings of The Family’s mission?
  • How has Marc’s own upbringing given him an inside look into such dynamics?

What goes through the heads of evangelicals who revere an almost medieval sense of authority in a nationalistic spirit, when the Founding Fathers drafted a constitution of Enlightenment and Raitionalist ideals?

Going Further:

Jeff Sharlet executive produced the documentary and speaks during film. He is an associate professor at Dartmouth College. He previously wrote two books about The Family that influenced the documentary.

C Street: The Fundamentalist Threat to American Democracy

The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power

Doug Coe was a long time leader in The Family before he passed.

Jesse Moss was director of documentary.

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