Your Instructor

Clint Sabom, Creative Director

Clint is an award-winning writer. He has published poetry and prose in various publications including The Tulane Review, Paste Magazine and Dabel Brothers. His paper Bunuel and Surrealism: The Changing Manifestations won best paper at the 2012 Conference of The Americas. He lived in Budapest, Hungary in 2003 as a Gilman Scholar. He speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese. In 2007, he lived for six months in a silent monastery and is certified in Mindfulness, Hypnosis, and Telehealth. He holds bachelor’s degrees in Religious Studies and one in Spanish literature. He has traveled extensively through Europe and South America. He has spoken and/or performed at Amnesty International, Health Conferences, High Schools, and art galleries across the US. He has studied and done in his own work in Advaita Vedanta, Buddhism, Shamanism, NLP, CBT, psychoanalytic models, brainspotting, Integral Theory, body therapy, sound healing, Reiki, and hypnosis. 

Course Description

In this mini-course, Contemplative Light co-founder, author, and spiritual coach Clint Sabom describes the essentials of Christian Mantra practice, with:

  • Backgrounds of the practice
  • Teachers ancient and contemporary
  • Simple Practices in Aramaic, English, and Hebrew
  • Explorations of Mantra Use Outside the Christian Tradition

This course is designed to help you enter into a sacred space using tried and true methods from the Christian contemplative tradition handed down over the centuries.

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