How many of you know that, on any given day, you will be standing before a wall? Every single day, to one degree or another, a person runs into something like this: “God, I don’t want that,” “I wish I wasn’t feeling this way,” “Why are they doing those things they’re doing?” “Oh my God, I’ve put on 5 pounds,” “Oh no, look at the economy”… any one of a thousand different ways in which, in any given moment, there you are blindly walking through life, and suddenly you’re standing before a wall. And what is the actual wall you’re in front of? The wall is always one thing: “What I don’t want.” This means that the walls we continue to run into are a creation of our own resistance to what life brings.

There is something in this consciousness that goes before you, not to make the crooked places straight, but to build walls. And the reason it builds walls isn’t for you. It builds walls so that you can stand in front of them, and by hating the wall, strengthen the unconscious nature that’s producing it so that your energy doesn’t ascend; it descends. Your energy isn’t released; it’s put into bondage.

When the wall appears, you’re sure the purpose of the wall is to punish you or challenge what you want, but the wall is actually not a wall. It’s a mirror. And the mirror appears so that, when you stand in front of it and see yourself as you are, you realize that the wall is really what you can no longer be — what you can no longer support in yourself, and what you will no longer give yourself to. Why? Because that’s what creates the wall!

All wanting is a wall, and the wall exists because you resist the revelation the mirror shows. And when you reject the revelation, you throw mud on the mirror. You cover up the revelation. Why? So that you don’t have to see what’s there. So that you don’t have to deal with what’s keeping you in this world where you run into walls so you can have someone to blame, some condition to be certain is causing you your pain.

Every single moment of life, you live in a world in which there exists another kingdom above you. That other kingdom is for you. It wants you to know of its existence, because the more you know of its existence, the less you hurt yourself and others. The more you know the kingdom above yourself, the more you are able — through the purity of your heart that has aligned you with it — to be the instrument of that kingdom above you, to use your life for the purpose it was given to you.

When you stand in front of the mirror, you are willing to see (without judging yourself), what is impure in yourself and that what has produced the wall in front of you is what you have brought with you — what you’re identified with, what you think is valuable. And if you clean the wall of its debris, you stand there long enough in that mirror, you will see your own values that turned the mirror into a wall. You’ll see them, and when you see them, you are freed from them.

There is a parting of the ways within yourself because you know that as you are you can’t go forward. You know you can’t walk through that mirror with what you brought to it. The purpose of the mirror is to purify you, not to prove you’re right. You stand there, and finally, as painful as it is, you decide that what you really want is the next kingdom, not to be a king in the one you’re in. And you walk through the mirror, which has become a portal.

Will you meet these walls and stand in front of them doing what you must to clean them all so that, every moment where there is rejection, resistance, denial, anger – any moment in which you are flooded with negativity — you understand that the reason you are being flooded with that is because something doesn’t want you to see it in yourself?

Stand there long enough, looking in that mirror, and you will see it turn into a portal. You will be transported. You are moved from one level of consciousness to another. And when you do that, you not only fulfill the purpose of the moment, but you fulfill your own purpose as well — to use life; to see life — to understand that there is actually an intelligence that places before you what you’ve called walls so that, one day, you might see they are mirrors, and in seeing that they are mirrors, begin to accept what the mirror reveals and, in the revelation be born into a new understanding.

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