Letting go, at its heart, is an act of agreement with Life. It is an accord on our part with what the present moment tells us about ourselves as it unfolds before us, asking of us what it does. And what is it that Life is asking of us moment to moment? It’s simple, really:

Life is asking each of us: will you be a witness to my Story? Will you let go of your short-lived moment in the sun of passing circumstances – in order to realize that just behind all such shadows dwells a Life whose Light never fades?

  • The work to live in Presence costs us nothing except to see that our life, spent in selfish pursuits, costs us everything.
  • That painful sense of urgency, that fiery feeling that comes with anxiously running after something in life thought to be critical to our well-being, is one of the ways in which the false self makes what is essentially meaningless into something seen as being highly meaningful.
  • It isn’t until the mind is touched by something it cannot imagine that, for the deftness of this quieting embrace, it gives up its childish pursuits and learns to wait in receptive repose.

When we see the truth that the more we struggle to get ahead in life, the further it seems we must go to get “there,” then we will know why the wise ones teach that nothing is more profitable for us to do than attend to the present moment, and to work there to possess ourselves within it.

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