A Unique course that teaches great spirituality as well as providing the practical how-to’s of loving.

The course is based on the teachings of Jesus. The three aspects of “the greatest commandment” – love of God, love of neighbour, and love of self – are each dealt with in a unique way. Unique in that the presenter, Fr Laurence Freeman OSB, not only presents the spirituality of each aspect but also provides the how-to of each aspect. We really do learn, for example, the how-to of loving our enemy!

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Is this course for me?

Who are we? We are a people who hunger and thirst! For what do we hunger and thirst? We hunger and thirst for depth and meaning. We hunger and thirst for the deepest possible levels of intimacy. We hunger and thirst for a full life. We hunger and thirst for joy in our lives and in the lives of others. Ultimately, we hunger and thirst for peace. Peace in the depths of our being and we wish the same for others.

Despite the idealistic nature of our desires, we are a people who know that the pursuit and attainment of these gifts equates to changing the world for the better. We are a people who appreciate that the alternative is to give in to futility! We find that option abominable.

We are also a people who fully recognise that hate and violence have never and will never solve the problems of the world. We recognise that, worse still, hate and violence escalate the problems of the world. We are, therefore, a people who reject actions that reflect a failure to show respect and dignity to people without exception. We are also a people who reject the abuse of Mother Earth and its creatures.

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Why hasn’t the world obtained this position?

There exists a stumbling block! Let Father Bede Griffiths explain:

“The hope of humanity today is to get beyond the experience of duality.”

It is fair to say that the overwhelming majority of us struggle to move from the dualistic mind to the non-dual mind. Ultimately, I am sure that as a people pursuing the contemplative path, we desire to live out of a non-dual nature as opposed to a non-dual mind. And, may we suggest, by embracing A Course in Christian Love in a serious manner, this can be the result.

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