A child is born IN us this day
And Holy is his name
He is the sweetness of our
The delight of all things new
The dance within our souls.

Happy are we by the ringing of
Squirrels at play in the garden
Bluebirds twirling on bare winter

This child is he who plants wisdom
within us
The awakening light of compassion
The first moment of love
And the last.

Protect this child in your heart now
And walk in a new life.
The cup of sorrow will also be yours
As was his
Hold this cup up high
Try not to escape suffering.

The child born this day carries the
seed of all humanity.
The entire universe resides in him
And within you, the same.
Walk carefully on the earth.

His birth is both mother and father
wedded in the womb of your heart
In all your life long be attentive to
The Voice of their Love
Learn & yearn to be like his mother
Womb of all tenderness
In times of duress, Love.

And when your death comes
Be like the Christ child
Bare in birth
His only clothing: Sweet Love
Be bare when you die
Owning nothing as when you
And he were born.

All you had at the beginning
All you will have at the end
is Love.

Peace now be with you
And with all the living and dying
Peace be upon us all.

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