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To People Who Want to Be Contemplatives But Are Afraid to Get Started

Have you felt a longing for something deeper but don’t know what to do about it? Have you read about contemplation but feel like you don’t really know how to get started? You’re not alone. Even though contemplation is one of the simplest forms of prayer, it is so different from everything we’ve been taught in school, and in the media, and even in church that it can feel daunting and far out of reach.

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All Is Well

There’s the way we are, and there’s the way we imagine we can be. Between the two lies a struggle and a dance. If we reject the way we are, we fail to appreciate the immense goodness and potential we already possess. Likewise, if we’re overly attached to what we imagine we can be, we’re never fully grounded in the present – the only place change can take place.

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The Empty Vessel: A Buddhist Teaching

There is a story in the Buddhist canon which tells us of a person rowing a boat across a very large lake. It is just before sunrise and there is a heavy fog. A fog so thick that the rower cannot see past the bow of his own row boat. Suddenly there is a SLAM and he has run into another boat head on. Our boatman is furious and begins yelling and screaming obscenities at the other boat. As he rows alongside, his angers dissipates as he realizes the boat he has run into is abandoned. There is no one there to get angry at, and thus…

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