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The 60 Day Breaking Point

Most of us can honestly say we've never been in a situation quite like this. It's scary. It's confusing. It's difficult. It's annoying. I'm tired of being so meticulous about washing my hands. I know that sounds childish. I mean some people in the world don't even have soap. Am I really complaining about this?

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5 Rules For A Contemplative On Social Media

As I browse through my social media feeds, my community is so often split down the middle. I see “conservative” posts from extended family afraid of moral decline. And I see “liberal” posts from friends, colleagues, and former classmates, angry about injustice and abuse of power. Occasionally, these threads cross when an argument breaks out and the insults and indignation begin.

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The 4 L’s of Staying Centered in Life

This week Tim Moon has been busy writing up a message to be delivered to his 12th graders at their Baccalaureate. Turns out, this is advice for all ages. I bet we all wish we'd received a send off like this when we graduated high school. Please enjoy these 4 L's for staying center in life.

Contemplative Christianity

Three Things I Can’t Believe Anymore

In the last three years, I have undergone a significant spiritual awakening. This newfound, unexpected enlightenment, has forced me to reconcile my newfound knowledge in the present, with old experience from the past, Requiring that I look at my life and thinking through a different lens. A lens that allowed me to blend the best of both. It also demanded that some of my past thinking be discarded. The following are a few essential things that have either substantially changed or that I simply can’t believe anymore.

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The Essential Benefits of Christian Non-Duality

Non-dual Christianity unlocks significant benefits for spiritual awakening. It promotes a deep spiritual connection to all reality, resulting in transcendent inner peace. It also brightens, completes and brings clarity to existing spiritual knowledge. Finally, it provides essential reconciliation between the Eastern and Western worlds, which the formal church has unfortunately forgotten.

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Centering Prayer


Meditation & Mindfulness

Three Foundational Techniques for Mastering Your Ego and Promoting Mindfulness

We are meant to be happy, and our ego was meant to be a tool to promote one part of that happiness, our survival. Sadly, many souls find themselves in circumstances where there are few real physical threats to their survival, yet they live in constant fear. Mindfulness, at its core, involves identifying our fears, and the self-centered, egotistical tendencies that exaggerate them.

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