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How To Stay Grounded and Centered in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Following up on his hugely popular post about how to stay grounded during a difficult election cycle, Rev. Roger Butts, a staff chaplain at Penrose St. Francis Health Services, offers crucial advice on how to stay grounded during this pandemic with a candid discussion about developing an end of life plan with family and loved ones. Thanks, Roger!

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Once Upon a Time

This month our conscious parenting writer, Terri Knuth, begins with “once upon a time” and proceeds to tell a wonderful story of a wonderful kingdom. Of course, the story isn’t as fictitious as it sounds at first. In fact, it’s a beautiful story of what could be if we allowed it. Enjoy!

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Privilege, Powerlessness, and Peace

One of our most popular writers, Tim Moon, also happens to be an historian and teacher. In this post, he offers a compelling analysis between our current situation and the election of 1864. He then goes on to explain why voting matters and what ultimately leads to peace once that vote is caste. Our election series continues.

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