Category: Centering Prayer

Privilege, Powerlessness, and Peace

One of our most popular writers, Tim Moon, also happens to be an historian and teacher. In this post, he offers a compelling analysis between our current situation and the election of 1864. He then goes on to explain why voting matters and what ultimately leads to peace once that vote is caste. Our election series continues.

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The Same Bird

Terri Knuth continues our series on staying grounded, open, compassionate and caring during this election season. She considers how the left and right wing both belong to the same bird in this important discussion about listening to others with opposing views.

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Upside Down to Right-Side Up

Terri Knuth is back with another great article on conscious parenting. This time she talks about learning to follow our inner guidance rather than always falling back on parenting techniques and protocols provided by so-called experts. As always, it’s a lesson that applies to many areas of life. Can we trust the Divine to guide us?

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