Contemplative Light

Inspiration and Guidance on the Journey to Awakening

My Agnostic Prayer Friend

 I was beginning my weekly Contemplative Prayer Gathering when in walked my dear prayer buddy, John, who I hadn’t seen in a couple years.  John and I met 12 years ago when I was holding centering prayer meetings at a 12 Step Recovery center. He came regularly, bringing his soul-searching, truth-seeking attitude, dry wit, gentle smile, and well-defined reasoning on why he was agnostic.

A Contemplative Ego?

After engaging in contemplative practice for about seven years, in mid-2014 I had an awakening experience and for about 3 months it seemed like I had superpowers.Things that would normally eat at me just fell by the wayside. I had a sudden burst of energy and wrote most of my book during that stretch. I had insights into questions I’d long been diving into. It was like a bubble had burst and I could see relationships, the outside world, and the inner landscape with sudden freshness and clarity.