Waking Up

Spiritual Transformation and Recovery

Tim Moon underwent a spiritually transformative experience while recovering from alcohol addiction which opened him to the world of mystical spirituality. He shares the depth of his experience through his writings.

Measurement, Matter, and Miracles

In a compelling essay, Tim Moon asks many intriguing questions such as, “What if innocent, childlike faith or trust in God is just enlightened belief. A belief allows God to think His thoughts and demonstrate his existence through us. Our part is allowing ourselves to be a conduit and not resisting. We open the spigot to higher dimensions by entrusting ourselves to Him. “

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Tim Moon

Tim Moon

Historian and Teacher | Contributor, Contemplative Light

Tim is a life long learner, educator and lover of mystery. As a result of a recent spiritually transformative experience (STE), he enjoys exploring and writing about topics related to mystical spiritual awakening.