Conscious Parenting

Raising Our Children and Ourselves

Terri Knuth writes for anyone wishing for a new relationship with their children and with themselves. She has years of experience working as a nanny for many different families. She sees the need for something new in our children’s lives and our own. 

Resist Not Evil

In this new article, conscious parenting expert, Terri Knuth, shares with us a new way to look at what it meas to “resist not evil” and to take that understanding into our day to day lives so that our children will learn to obey the spiritual laws that run this world as well.

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Terri Knuth

Terri Knuth

Professional Nanny | Contributor, Contemplative Light

Just a small-town girl, living in a children’s world and working to bring something new and higher into their lives. No formal writing background, just a love for the expression of it through true present moment living experience.