Author: Kimberly Holman

Why Humanity is Redeemed By the Cross

A few years back, I published the following article on I encourage you to see it there, as well as all of the other great articles and resources on that site. If you’ve been following Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations this week, you’ll know he’s been talking about Jesus’ Death. He notes that the word “sin” in the passage God’s Lamb takes away the sin of the world (John 1:29) is singular. According to Rohr’s interpretation, this passage refers to a single sin—the sin of redemptive violence. I think you’ll find this article complementary to his interpretation. I hope you enjoy it.

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How Mindfulness Meditation Helps Relieve Chronic Pain

In this post, I present the entire map of how mindfulness meditation practice helps us in our quest to resolve chronic pain. We will look at these aspects of the journey: the basic problem, the mindfulness solution, the method used, the essence of the practice, the primary purpose of practice, the envisioned goal, and expected results.

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A Holiday Jubilation

A reflection on what it means to have faith in Christ. To trust the greater source of truth and goodness that abides within. Call it Christ. Call it Buddha Nature. Call it the Atman. It doesn’t matter. Just call on it from the depths of your soul. Experience the jubilation.

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All Is Well

There’s the way we are, and there’s the way we imagine we can be. Between the two lies a struggle and a dance. If we reject the way we are, we fail to appreciate the immense goodness and potential we already possess. Likewise, if we’re overly attached to what we imagine we can be, we’re never fully grounded in the present – the only place change can take place.

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