Author: Kimberly Holman

Finding Refuge in the Midst of the Storm

When I was younger, I described myself as having agoraphobic tendencies. I wasn’t housebound. I could get out and do what I needed to do for the most part, but it could be a real struggle. Eventually, I learned how to access a place of peace and safety inside myself, my inner refuge. Lately, though, with everything going on, accessing my inner refuge hasn’t been so easy. I wrote this poem to encourage myself. Perhaps it can help you too.

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Three Ways of Looking at the Human Condition With Implications for Salvation

How we view ourselves says a lot about how we imagine we might be saved. In this article, Kimberly Holman suggests that being liberated or saved implies either a problem to be resolved or something more we might aspire to. It’s like trying to get from point A to point B. How we envision this leap is directly related to how we envision ourselves.

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