Author: Kelly Boyer Sagert

How to Write a Devotional: Plus How to Get Them Published

If you read devotionals, you already know how they can be a true blessing. A devotional can uplift you when you’re feeling discouraged, sad or lonely. It can help you acknowledge and repent from sins that cause personal rifts and create distance in your relationship with God. It can allow you to feel a keen sense of fellowship with another Christian, even if the two of you never actually meet.

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Beholding Trinity Through Relationship by Neil Fraser

In Beholding Trinity Through Relationship: Deep Calls to Deep, An Intimate Journey With God, Neil Fraser takes us on a journey that uses a simple-on-the-surface structure – with results that are stunningly rich and complex. This is a book that you could read and reread, and then discover something new about the contemplative path each time.

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Reflections: 31 Daily Devotionals by Celeste Barnard

I recently met Celeste Barnard through social media and I’m sure glad that I did. I offered to review her book, Reflections: 31 Daily Devotionals, and so she sent me a copy to read. Although I was engaged from the start by her down-to-earth, easy-to-read writing style, I was completely hooked when I read the second devotional.

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FLEE, BE SILENT, AND PRAY, by Ed Cyzewski: A Book Review

Ed Cyzewski wrote Flee, Be Silent, Pray: An Anxious Evangelical Finds Peace with God Through Contemplative Prayer because of his belief that “contemplative prayer is open to all who wish to practice it and can bring great benefits in the search for God,” adding that “evangelicals such as myself may be in the greatest need of this quiet, restful practice that predates the canonization of the New Testament.”

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