Author: Justin Coutts

Action and Contemplation: A Celtic Perspective

Ever since Richard Rohr brought the term “action and contemplation” back into the public’s eye people have been hungry to find the balance between the two. How can we seek stillness and solitude while also addressing the pressing concerns of the world we live in? How can we deny the world while also loving our neighbor and enemy? At first glance the two seem diametrically opposed.

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Mysticism: Expectations vs Reality

You may have heard the term mysticism floating around. It comes with all sorts of connotations and just about everybody has some sort of preconceived notion about it. Whether the word conjures up images of inspired mountain gurus or navel gazing hippies, you probably have some sort of opinion about it. Truthfully, what mysticism is could be either of those, and most likely is neither. Mysticism, in its purest form, is simply the experience of God.

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To People Who Want to Be Contemplatives But Are Afraid to Get Started

Have you felt a longing for something deeper but don’t know what to do about it? Have you read about contemplation but feel like you don’t really know how to get started? You’re not alone. Even though contemplation is one of the simplest forms of prayer, it is so different from everything we’ve been taught in school, and in the media, and even in church that it can feel daunting and far out of reach.

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