Author: Clint Sabom

The Christian Meditation Of John Main

Father John Main (1926-1982) led many to realize the “peace that passes all understanding,” through his teachings of Christian meditation.  A Roman Catholic priest and Benedictine monk, at first his superiors  did not permit him to use meditation as part of his spiritual practices, as it was not deemed Christian. The practice of Christian Meditation is quite simple.

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Living Our Own Bible Stories: The Pain And Growth of Redemption

There seems to be a certain kind of death and rebirth that occurs in adulthood, perhaps at multiple times in different forms. Some astrologers refer to something similar when they speak of “The Return of Saturn.” From a lesser adult self-sense (perhaps what Thomas Keating refers to as the false self), we suffer and emerge into a higher, more authentic Self. 

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Book Review: Ambition Addiction by Rabbi Ben Shalva

In Ambition Addiction, Benjamin Shalva recognizes that some amount of ambitiousness is healthy, but there are tell-tale signs when your desire to achieve success can turn into a destructive disease.   These touchstones served as good guides for me; in fact, the lessons in this book are such that anyone who sometimes stresses out about the fast pace of 21st century life could benefit from reading it. 

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The Deep Subjectivity of The Archetypal Sea: An Integral Discussion Of State-Stage Development

One’s perspective goes under water, in a sense, when as Subjects we realize so much of our perception is subjective.  This continues to cycle as the mystic ascends stages. What Ken Wilber calls the “higher self” in the causal state-stage and what Christian mysticism speaks of in terms of a couple of dark nights overlapping The Illuminative Way, or Illuminatio, is a realm of encounters with archetypes, which serve as the base, or core, of the entire Time-Space Matrix.

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My First Mystical Experience

It was an autumn afternoon at Vassar College. I had stayed up the previous night writing a paper. I turned the paper in at an office across campus and began walking back to my dorm room, eager to rest. Soon, it would be nightfall. The cold wind blew across my face. Leaves fell along my path. Gothic architecture merged into the shadows. Tombstones in the nearby cemetery reflected the last vestiges of sunlight.

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Discovering Christian Mysticism Through Evelyn Underhill

It was my junior year at Vassar College, and Christianity was not a part of my life. If anything, it was somewhat old, tattered, and worn – like an ugly shirt associated with bad self-esteem.  Something to ignore and not use – at least for now.  At the same time, feelings had begun to ferment under the surface, a new sensation of aliveness that had been absent for awhile.  Some vague emotional flow had been restored and sought regeneration.

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The Fearlessness Of The Jesus Prayer

The Protestant reformation had a valid point in its rebellion against the practices it perceived to be idolatrous.  After all, there is no God but God, and no earthly things – whether people, statues, or cathedrals – can substitute for the Eternal and Infinite nature of a God that always eludes the conscious understanding of our finite minds.  Everything in this world remains imperfect, and it’s good to be reminded of that.

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