Soul of Christ, animate me.
O Thou
Divine Indwelling,
True center,
At the core of everything.

I greet you each morning,
In the warmth of sunlight,
In the soft whisper of dew,
Amidst skies vibrant blue.
In see you on my table,
I need no more proof,
Than the chatter of squirrels,
Pounding on my roof.

There in my heart,
Ever generous though I ignore.
There in my soul,
Ever precious though I am sore.
My muscles tight,
My mind all a flutter,
My breath shallow and empty,
As my to-do list grows longer.

Then, but for a moment,
I finally relax,
The world opens up in silence,
Yes, now I can relax.
The hush and the rush,
Arising all around me,
From this quiet center,
It no longer astounds me.

Things get done
Or they don’t,
It doesn’t really matter.
Divine light pours in,
These nagging thoughts scatter.
Like squirrels on the roof,
Or birds taking flight,
Here again,
There again,
No need to fight.

And now I am open,
Now I truly see,
Now there is room here,
For both you and me.
Now, I am ready,
Animate me.
Now I am steady,
Animate me.
Now is all there is,
Animate me.

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