There’s a lot of talk out in the world about the possibility of World War III. Where is your attention right now? Is it on the possibility of WWIII? Is it on the possibility of not being able to feed your family? Is it on hatred directed at Putin? Is it on fear of the world that your child will grow up and be a part of?

When our attention is placed on what we don’t want, we actually (unknowingly) feed the very thing that is being resisted, instead of using the energy in the moment properly. If this is true (and it is), then each of us is an unknowing contributor to any war that would come to fruition in the world. Quite honestly, we have been at war with each other since time millennia, but that outward war is just a manifestation of a war that is first taking place inwardly within each and every one of us.  We are, in truth, at war with ourselves.

How are we at war with ourselves?

When there is an unwanted moment – something that our child or spouse may have said or done that we don’t like or want, there is an immediate internal and perhaps external “no!” that takes place. The instantaneous part of us that reacts and says “no!” is the same part of us that will then state the reason for the disturbance and what to do about it. When “we” go along with “it” by placing our attention on and identifying with its suggestion, that is the war that is taking place within.  The internal war is a lower level of ourselves that gives itself its own answers to what the disturbance means in any given moment.

All disturbances serve a purpose, but that purpose isn’t to allow a part of us to answer that disturbance from the content of ourselves (from our own mind). The whole purpose is to consciously suffer the disturbance that arises in us in any given moment so that we can become aware of the revelation that God is always shining on us with his Will.

If we agree to do that on a person-to-person basis, we can become vessels through which a whole new world can emerge, but we must first do our part of suffering ourselves – which, by the way, is the part that most are unwilling to do. Christ didn’t want to be crucified, but he knew “not my will, but Thy Will be done.”  He knew although that moment wasn’t wanted by him, it was necessary in order for him to fulfill the purpose of the life his Father gave him.

That grand sacrifice was a representation of what each and every one of us are intended to do moment to moment, and that is to sacrifice our will, the self in the moment that believes it knows what the meaning of the moment is in favor of what God is working to reveal to us through His Will, which is the fulfillment of the purpose of the life we have been given.

It’s interesting really. We believe that giving ourselves the answers to the moment is the same as being freed from the pain of it. But unfortunately, that is actually the strengthening of that pain, the strengthening of our will. The pain consciously suffered is what transforms and heals.

We have a choice. We always have a choice.

There is no one to blame. There is no husband, no child, no political party or leader that is doing anything. All of it is a movement of a collective lower level of consciousness that hasn’t yet been brought into the light of awareness. All of it is done through individuals that continue to unconsciously agree to the part of themselves that gives itself its own answers to what disturbs it in the moment.

That is the war. The only problem that exists IS a wrong will that we have allowed to be in charge.  The breaking of God’s law is what creates war.

Thank God it is a curable problem. There can be a true Garden of Eden here on earth, but we all must do our part.

“If our present understanding about strength worked, we wouldn’t be afraid.  If our present understanding about why things happen the way that they do was accurate, then we could fix things the way they happened and then it would stop happening to us.  Our present level of understanding doesn’t work.: – Guy Finley.

It is clear that our present understanding doesn’t work, but we are the ones who must see and become aware of that.  There’s only one thing that does work and that is to surrender ourselves in the moment to God’s Will.  

…And perhaps that is what all of the pain we see in the outer world is leading us to – the revelation that our will simply doesn’t work.

“God can only allow “His” nature in heaven. Only the kingdom of heaven on earth can inherit the kingdom of heaven.” – Vernon Howard

Thy Will be done.

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