All is sapped and windswept and skeletal. Our words fail and our thoughts hang like clouds. Mourning seeps into our dreams. 

We struggle to rise and we struggle to sleep. We eat in protest, not tasting. Sunlight does not warm and shade does not cool. We live as ghosts. 

From this lifelessness, deliver us. 

Let us feel heat and savor fruit. Let us rise joyously in the morning light and retire happily in the starlight, always alive with the LIGHT, always sensing and sated. Let us know the splendor of the eternal sunrise, the morning of pure being ever-dawning in the soul. 

Let us feel the new growth breaking through the soil, inching toward greatness. Call our attention to the stirrings of the tiniest seed, to the small point leavening, to the little ray cutting through fog.

Let us be born anew in our deepest regions so that we may birth a new world with you. 

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