Mother Earth Father Sky, 
Holy One Who Loves Fiercely,

We praise your name. It is hallowed.

You are here. You are there.

The mountain is your dwelling.
The cloud. The river. The deepest canyon.

You are here. You are there.

And you decided of all places,
to live in the soul of each bit of creation,
my soul. Yours. And yes even yours.

On earth as it is in heaven, let love reign.

Give each just enough,
enough rice, enough beans,
enough laughter, enough courage,
enough peace.

How often we miss the mark!
How often we fall flat!
You are there to catch us.

Give us the heart and compassion
to catch others as you catch us.

Oh, the distractions.
Oh, the trouble we can find.
Lead us to the path of peace,
despite ourselves!

Yours is every blade of grass,
every snowfall, every mountain slope,
every bumble bee, every drop of honey.
It’s all yours. It’s all love.

And we say thank you G*d for all of it.

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