Our very own, Roger Butts, has published a wonderful new book called Seeds of Devotion: Weekly Contemplations on Faith. In it, he presents short weekly teachings followed by a prayer and questions for reflection. It’s a wonderful new devotional for me. This post was inspired by my reading of week one. For reflection, Roger invites readers to contemplate what exile means to them and then to claim a new name. Thanks, Roger!


When my heart no longer sings your praise and my mind is full of doubt, it’s like I’m in exile – barren, forsaken, and forlorn.

There is this nagging ache. Nothing seems to go right.

I’m a seeker with none to seek.

An artist with nothing to draw upon.

A writer who has no muse.

So many times I have climbed up and down this mountain. The ascent, though it seems quite spectacular; it’s the descent, they tell me, I need.

Come down to the grit of life. Dispel with those lofty ideas. Find your humility so you can wear your humanity. Then, wear it well.

Here, Lord, is where I will find you.

I’m not one to tie a ribbon or set a fancy table. I do have my own forms of pride and self-involvement though.

I hold myself up. Life kindly brings me down. Down, down, down to the meager plate upon which sits all the nourishment I should ever need.

Tight muscles loosen a bit. This hoity-toity attitude is dispelled. True Grace writes a new song of praise. All doubt is erased.

I am back again. No longer barren. No longer forsaken. You have given me a new name.

That name is Mystical Grace.

I have come to understand the way of a mystic is the way to freedom for me. Simplicity lays itself out like a red carpet inviting me into your chamber of love.

Suddenly, all is healed. By your grace, all is redeemed.

And I bow my head before you in shear delight.

Blessed be.


Going Further

Claim your new name. Find Roger’s new book on Amazon.

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