About 10 years ago, I came upon a truth teacher named Guy Finley.  He spoke of an altogether different meaning of Christ’s birth that I hadn’t heard before.  However, what he spoke of made perfect sense to me because he related it as something that was intended to take place in our lives right now.  It wasn’t something that just happened “back then.”

That intrigued me.

We all come into this world with a Divine “seed possibility” within us, waiting to be attended to.  Just as with any other seed in this world, that seed needs to remain in darkness first.  As well, that seed needs to be watered (fed) and given light (for transformation), in order for the seed to break free from the husk and become transformed into something new, something different.  

If the whole of that process doesn’t take place, the seed will never transform into what it was intended to become, to be birthed into.  What that means is that each individual seed is not “guaranteed” to “flower”.  Something is needed from the individual in order for that flowering to take place.

How does this apply to our everyday lives?  

Well, let’s first consider humanity as a collective unconscious nature, a dark nature, (dark meaning simply the absence of light) and that darkness being a collective will, let’s say, “our will”.

Using the above “seed” analogy, what then would be the “water”, our food, the necessary sustenance for the beginning of the transformation process?

Our food is given to us in every moment of Life.  Our food IS Life itself, but most often we don’t drink from that cup.  Most often, there is unconscious resistance to what Life is bringing, trying to show us in each and every moment.  

Why is there unconscious resistance?  

Because our will wants to remain our will.  It wants to remain in the dark of itself.  It isn’t personal, it’s a beautiful spiritual law that has to be understood before the reversal of choosing “thy Will” in its place can occur.

If our will wants to remain our will, then how do we learn to drink from Life and accept our “food” in each and every moment?

We must remember that our true food is found in the present moment and, as such, we must align ourselves within that present moment in order to receive it.  Our will is based in thought which is “outside” of the present moment.  

In an unwanted moment, our will continues the proliferation of itself by trying to reconcile the moment by turning to thought to reconcile the moment.  We must stand in the awareness of that and remain aligned in the present moment so that our will (the thought nature) can die.  That is “our voluntary part” that is needed in this process.

What takes place in an agreement to that crucifixion of will?

We are shown the true meaning of birth, rebirth and death – the true purpose of our life.  The Christ nature is born in us, revealed in us as always having been there.  We have, through that sacrifice, made “room at the inn” for something new.  

This doesn’t take place just once.  It is intended to be the story and meaning of our life moment to moment. 

Death, birth, rebirth, if properly understood, one and the same thing, over and over again – a trinity of sorts.  A continual birth and rebirth of the Christ nature in us.  The ongoing acceptance of Thy Will, a continual crucifixion and a moment-to-moment death of our will.

What good is any teaching if we don’t understand the meaning of how it applies to our everyday lives, if it isn’t actualized in our everyday lives? What good is any teaching if we can’t find out “for ourselves” the truths contained therein?

When we live our life properly and make the required sacrifices moment to moment, we then are continually made new, transformed, as any flower that originally started as a seed.  We are then fulfilling our true purpose on this earth that we were created for.

It is always our choice, a voluntary one.  We choose to be chosen. 

We can simply read the story of Christ’s birth and blindly accept the meaning we were given for it.  Or we can agree to consciously participate in the very act itself by making a moment-to-moment exchange of our will in favor of the only Will that truly exists,Thy.

Christ wasn’t born “back then” – end of story.  Christ’s story is a never-ending one.

Image courtesy of:  congerdesign on Pixabay

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