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We provide education and resources in a global effort towards inner transformation through contemplative prayer and meditation.

Together we envision all hearts illuminated by the divine light within.

On the Contemplative Path

The Contemplative Path

The contemplative path is both ascent and descent. It is a movement of love in our inmost self allowing us to grow in awareness of our inner egoic tendencies that keep us from manifesting divine love in the world. We usually come to a place of accepting this process after what Franciscan author Richard Rohr calls necessary suffering.

Contemplative Practices

Our focus is on contemplative practices for the individual, but the ultimate hope is that this transformation radiates outward into all facets of life to help us open to the greatest extent possible. Here are some of the many available spiritual practices that Christian contemplatives, mystics, and monastics have drawn on over the centuries.

As contemplative practitioners, we value the experience of divine presence available to us in silence. Resting in the present moment, we realize we are deeply connected to each other and that our inmost self abides in God. Silence helps us remove the inner obstacles keeping us from this state of divine awareness.

Transformed by the practices of prayer and meditation, we discover the true nature of our being as whole, complete and already perfect. This overflowing, transformational grace naturally flows outward in service to God, others, and the world.

The ultimate goal of the contemplative journey is a dissolving of the false self or ego. This inner transformation into wholeness includes greater health, balance, and vitality. The healing of self, other, and creation is part of an ongoing divine dance we both consent to and participate in.

The Secret Prayer Critical for Real Self-Renewal

In this article, Guy Finley speaks about another kind of prayer, the one critical for real self-renewal where we ask God to be in charge of our lives, and to give us what we need, not what we want, in order to be renewed/reborn.

How to Find New Strength in Moments of Weakness

In this article, best-selling, self-realization author, Guy Finley, shares with us how our idea of strength isn’t strength at all and how we can learn what real strength is.

Seasons in Contemplation

I love the curves and swerves of the mountain drive to the end of the road in King’s Canyon National Park. From there, it is a short walk through some pines, over a bridge, and into another world. A large rock beckons me to sit in silence. The deep quiet swirling...

More Than Words

In this article, Terri Knuth shares with us that Life is meant to be experienced through the feeling of it and not through the intellect as most of us currently communicate through.

Enter Into an Unthinkably Confident Relationship with Life

In this article, best-selling, self-realization author, Guy Finley, shares with us how to enter into a completely different relationship with Life than we currently have, how to enter into the Will of God itself.

When Does It End?

In this short article, Terri Knuth shares with us that as intelligent as we claim to be, why is it that we haven’t seen that blaming, judging, and resenting others has never changed a thing?


I intentionally contemplated on love for a season some years ago. My meditation was on the simple word, love. I expected God to give me visions and revelations that would enlighten me. But all I got, sitting after sitting, was God’s indwelling presence. And in time, I...

Find Wisdom and Balance by Accepting Self-Revelation

In this article, Guy Finley shares with us the essential need to bear ourselves consciously, which is the only way we can receive the revelation that God wishes us to receive.

Hovering Over the Waters

In this essay on the theme of grace, Arthur Aghajanian examines the drawings of contemporary artist Vija Celmins. He does so by framing Celmins’s “Ocean” drawings as representations of the idea of grace as the flow of God’s love. In addition, Arthur places these images in the context of the Classical tradition in art.

An Invisible Notebook

In this article, conscius parenting expert Terri Knuth shares with us how we all unknowingly carry around an invisible book of “rights and wrongs” that currently direct our perception of the moment, and how there is another way to perceive the moment.


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