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We provide education and resources in a global effort towards inner transformation through contemplative prayer and meditation.

Together we envision all hearts illuminated by the divine light within.

On the Contemplative Path

The Contemplative Path

The contemplative path is both ascent and descent. It is a movement of love in our inmost self allowing us to grow in awareness of our inner egoic tendencies that keep us from manifesting divine love in the world. We usually come to a place of accepting this process after what Franciscan author Richard Rohr calls necessary suffering.

Contemplative Practices

Our focus is on contemplative practices for the individual, but the ultimate hope is that this transformation radiates outward into all facets of life to help us open to the greatest extent possible. Here are some of the many available spiritual practices that Christian contemplatives, mystics, and monastics have drawn on over the centuries.

As contemplative practitioners, we value the experience of divine presence available to us in silence. Resting in the present moment, we realize we are deeply connected to each other and that our inmost self abides in God. Silence helps us remove the inner obstacles keeping us from this state of divine awareness.

Transformed by the practices of prayer and meditation, we discover the true nature of our being as whole, complete and already perfect. This overflowing, transformational grace naturally flows outward in service to God, others, and the world.

The ultimate goal of the contemplative journey is a dissolving of the false self or ego. This inner transformation into wholeness includes greater health, balance, and vitality. The healing of self, other, and creation is part of an ongoing divine dance we both consent to and participate in.

History and Legacy of Visual Theology: Part 2

Visual art can function as a companion on the spiritual journey in a variety of ways. It can serve as a source of inspiration, comfort, and guidance for individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual practice. One way that visual art can function as a companion is by...

Discover the Heart of Letting Go

Letting go, at its heart, is an act of agreement with Life. It is an accord on our part with what the present moment tells us about ourselves as it unfolds before us, asking of us what it does. And what is it that Life is asking of us moment to moment? It’s simple,...

History and Legacy of Visual Theology: Part 1

The relationship between art and religion in the Christian world has a long and complex history, and the study of this relationship is equally rich and diverse. One of the earliest and most influential works in this field is the treatise "On Christian Doctrine"...

Death is Not the End of Life

In this article, best-selling, self-realization author, Guy Finley, lays out for us how Real life serves the living without end. And, without end, it must constantly change itself to do this. But what do we serve when our heart and mind are as barren as a winter’s tree, and all we know to do in those moments is turn on ourselves with a vengeance for not being what we imagine we should be?

New Creation and the Artist’s Role: Part 3

The biblical idea of new creation can be reflected in everyday life. Hope and renewal: The idea of new creation offers hope and renewal, reminding individuals that even in difficult times, there is always the possibility for a fresh start and a better future. This can...

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a deeply personal way of comprehending and experiencing the divine. An affective spirituality touches your heart in ways that give meaning and purpose to your life. It helps shape your relationships with others and your overall lifestyle. Personal...

Watch How Fear Fades as Your Patience Grows

In this article, Guy Finley shares with us how our quiet willingness to be an observer of our life will reveal and prove in us a new kind of unstoppable power.

New Creation and the Artist’s Role: Part 2

Part 2 in a series about new creation and what this idea means in relation to art.

QUIET MIND, PRESENT HEART …one breath at a time

Instead of living one day at a time, do life one breath at a time. Now, don’t take that literally. Let me suggest you take it spiritually. It might change the way you experience daily life.We live with different challenges, different stresses, different distractions....

Use Your Relationships to Unlock Love’s Power of Revelation

In this article, Guy Finley shares with us that our relationships become magical as we realize that whatever remains concealed within us can’t be healed, and that our partner (our mirror) in each moment is actually the agent of these revelations that alone can release us from our limitation.


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