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Sacred Lives of Christian Mystics

 With Marc Thomas Shaw

If you could travel through time and learn directly from great Christian mystics ranging from Meister Eckhart or Evelyn Underhill, how would it deepen your practice? We are pleased to offer this comprehensive course to help contemplatives, healers, clergy, and spiritual directors get a handle on the daunting subject of Christian Mysticism.

Writing As Spiritual Practice

With Kelly Boyer Sagert

Understand yourself better. Facilitate the healing of spiritual wounds. Share your testimonies of how God has worked in your life. The amount of writing you’ve done is not relevant. What matters is your willingness to commit to the journey, to travel from the known to the unknown, the conscious to the subconscious, from the polished to the raw.

Meet Our Founders

Clint Sabom

Podcast Host & Creative Director

Clint is an Award-Winning Writer and Gilman Scholar who enjoys hosting the Contemplative Light Podcast.

Kimberly Holman

Webmaster & Technical Director

Kim is a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher with an M.A. in Religious Studies from Naropa University.

Marc Thomas Shaw

Educator & Executive Director

Marc is a Contemplative Instructor and Author of Dante’s Road: The Journey Home for the Modern Soul.

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Inspired by the spiritual traditions of the various world religions. Many of our online courses draw from the rich tradition of Christian monastics and mystics, from 20th century writers like Thomas Merton and Evelyn Underhill, to Meister Eckhart, Pseudo-Dionysius, John Cassian, and the early Desert Fathers and Mothers. 


Join master podcaster Clint Sabom as he converses with teachers from a variety of traditions about spiritual awakening and personal growth. Topics include Mysticism, Contemplative Spirituality, Christianity, Psychology, Buddhism, Integral Theory, Social Issues, and more. 

Online Magazine

Our content rich magazine blog is full of inspiration that draws on  years of experience with practices like Centering Prayer, Mindfulness Meditation, Lectio Divina, the Jesus Prayer. Enjoy contributions from teachers like Marc Thomas Shaw, Clint Sabom, Kimberly Holman, Rich Lewis, Kelly Boyer Sagert, and David Cole. 

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All Courses Free Through April 30

In response to the challenges we are all facing at this time, from now until April 30 all of our courses are absolutely free. Access our courses here and remember to use the coupon LIGHT100.

We Have a New URL

We are so pleased to announce that is now We have launched a brand new website to mark this change in our organizational structure. We hope you are enjoying it!

And The Winner Is...

Great news! Marc Thomas Shaw’s new book Dante’s Road: The Journey Home For The Modern Soul was announced as a medal winner of a 2020 Illumination Book Award for Spirituality!

Three Mystical Lessons Learned in My Recovery From Alcoholism: Part 3: Love Is Something We Are, Not Something We Do

The sense of being suddenly connected with an abiding unconditionally loving presence is a common claim by those who have had Near Death Experiences (NDEs). Although more gradual, and arguably less dramatic, I have experienced a connection to God that is similar to these near-death experiencers in my recovery from alcoholism.

Finding Refuge in the Midst of the Storm

When I was younger, I described myself as having agoraphobic tendencies. I wasn’t housebound. I could get out and do what I needed to do for the most part, but it could be a real struggle. Eventually, I learned how to access a place of peace and safety inside myself, my inner refuge. Lately, though, with everything going on, accessing my inner refuge hasn’t been so easy. I wrote this poem to encourage myself. Perhaps it can help you too.

Three Mystical Lessons Learned in my Recovery from Alcoholism: Part 2: Living in Heaven Now

In the second installment of this series on three mystical lessons learned, Tim Moon explains how his recovery from alcoholism introduced him to a reality that he can access by looking in and describes what it is like to live in heaven now.

Episode 57: Interview with Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox: Coronavirus As A Spiritual Initiation

In the first chapter of his latest book, The Tao of Thomas Aquinas, Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox champions democratizing mysticism and democratizing prophesy. And what better to democratize us than a global pandemic? In this episode of the Contemplative Light Podcast, Dr. Fox talks about understanding the coronavirus as a collective spiritual initiation, albeit a baptism in fire.

Facing a Pandemic: A Message of Hope in the Midst of Fear

In this short but honest reflection, Kestrel Cross touches into the heart of the fear plaguing the world as we face this pandemic together. At the same time, she brings us back to center by pointing toward what is possible for humanity right now.

COVID 19 and the New Normal

Sharing her own struggles, asserting the possibility of basic goodness, and digging deeper into the first chapter of Genesis, Kimberly Holman asks us to contemplate the possibility of a new normal coming out of the COVID 19 crisis.

Three Mystical Lessons Learned During My Recovery From Alcoholism: Part 1: Power in Powerlessness

Twenty-seven months ago I underwent a spiritually transformative experience during my recovery from alcohol addiction. This opened me up to a whole new world of mystical spirituality. In less than 3 years, I have gone from suffering a maddening craving and obsession for alcohol to enjoying a depth of spirituality that has empowered remarkable spiritual growth and physical healing. It has also restored a childlike innocence in my relationship to God and the people around me. In this three-part series, I will be sharing three lessons I learned during my recovery.

A Message from the Executive Director

In response to the challenges we are all facing at this time, now through April 30 all of our courses are absolutely free.

Episode 56: Kriya Yoga Techniques, Astral Realms, and Mystic Christianity, with Chris Sartain

Episode 56 of the Contemplative Light Podcast is our most esoteric episode yet, with guest Chris Sartain. Chris Sartain is an ordained teacher in the Kriya Yoga tradition. Christopher currently lives in southern Chile where he owns and operates a meditation retreat center. He is also spiritual director of Vinyasa Yoga Chile, which offers yoga teacher trainings and certification programs.

Episode 55: Interview with Meditation Teacher Keith Kristich

Welcome to episode 55 of the Contemplative Light podcast. In this episode, Keith Kristich and Clint Sabom discuss self-inquiry, inner awareness, absolute truth, why every concept of God is a gift, and bringing contemplative practice into the world we live in.


The Contemplative Journey

The Contemplative Path

The contemplative path is both ascent and descent. It is a movement of love in our inmost self allowing us to grow in awareness of our inner egoic tendencies that keep us from manifesting divine love in the world. We usually come to a place of accepting this process after what Franciscan author Richard Rohr calls necessary suffering.

Contemplative Practices

Our focus is on contemplative practices for the individual, but the ultimate hope is that this transformation radiates outward into all facets of life to help us open to the greatest extent possible. Here are some of the many available spiritual practices that Christian contemplatives, mystics, and monastics have drawn on over the centuries.